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How to Play and Win Roulette

The purpose of the Roulette gambling game is to choose a winning number that will appear on the Roulette wheel. You can also bet with a combination of numbers or choose a color (red or green) or number (odd or even). However, this is not as easy as we can imagine.

Roulette Wheel
There are two different types of Roulette wheels to date: the European Roulette wheels that have 37 slot numbers from 0-36 and have a “home” 2.63% side while the American Roulette wheel has 38 numbers due to the addition of 0 to double (00) . With the addition of this extra figure increases the “home” side to 5.26%.

Tips To Play Roulette Play
Roulette has a high “home” side; if you’re playing at a full table, you’ll only get about 30 rounds in 1 hour that might slow down your money to get a “home” Roulette side. If the number you want to bet has been covered with other chips, you do not have to worry about it. You are allowed to pile your chips on the other players chips. This is a powerful reason why every Roulette player is required to have different color chips.

You are allowed to place bets after the Dealer plays the ball. Dealer will tell you when you need to stop betting. When the ball spins slowly, the Dealer will wave their hands on the table and say “No More Bets” (no more bets). Some people claim that they have a guaranteed system to win in Roulette. The truth is there is no system that will change the position of the “home” side of Roulette. And remember, do not waste your money to buy a Roulette system.

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